Meet your money goals
every time.

Our Flexible Savings plan is designed to make saving money regularly effortless, whether you're a creator, freelancer, or have a different income stream. Regardless of your savings frequency, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, our plan has got you covered.

Saving money can be effortless
with the right tools.

Creators and freelancers often have to manage their finances wisely to ensure their businesses are successful. With our Spend+Save feature, saving money has never been easier. Instead of just spending money, you can now effortlessly save a percentage of each purchase you make. This feature allows you to prioritize your savings and reach your financial goals faster, without any extra effort.


As you continue to hustle,
watch your money grow.

Looking for a reliable and profitable savings plan? Look no further than our Fixed Savings plan! With competitive interest rates and a range of term options, you can easily grow your money with us. Whether you're a creator, freelancer, or just a savvy saver, our plan is designed to help you reach your financial goals. Start saving with us today!

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